Our Team.

Frank Jorga

CEO and Founder of FJD Information Technologies. Frank is primarily a music producer who discovered his passion for producing films a few years ago. He then founded Gadget Productions to achieve his life's goal of success in the media and film industry.

Julia Schoch

Project Manager. Julia has worked in all areas of the media production company and has established a wide foundation of media knowledge. Her responsibilities range from content creation to planning, management and organization of various projects.

Edona Bresilla

Head of Online Marketing. Edona is currently studying marketing and digital media as a working student. Her responsibilities in online marketing include working on websites, social media content and further marketing strategies. Edona Bresilla has been active in the music industry since 2012 as a singer and produces music with self composed lyrics.

Annika Zimmermann

Content Creator. Annika started filming at an early age and later developed a passion for photography. She discovered what was right for her from an early age and has had a creative streak since childhood. Her main responsibility as content creator is video creation and editing.