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We’ll tell you how to get around, all about the dos and don’ts, the must and nice-to-knows and the best places to be. 

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Where To Go

Atlantis The Palm

Some of the best hotels in the world are in Dubai. The Atlantis Hotel for example is located at the Palm Jumeirah. It has its own waterpark and lots of exciting attractions.

Ayo Special: https://youtu.be/0_RPAZuzPs8  
Admission: https://www.atlantis.com/dubai
Public Transportation: ferry terminal (station: Atlantis The Palm)

Mall of the Emirates

A must for all shopping enthusiasts is a visit to the Mall of the Emirates. The shopping centre comprises 630 retail outlets., 7900 parking spaces, over 100 restaurants and Cafes, 80 luxury stores and 250 flagship stores. Besides shopping there are two splendid food courts there and on the lower floor there is a big Carrefour supermarket where you can buy almost everything for acceptable prices.

Admission: free
Public Transportation: Metro (Mall of the Emirates Metro Station 4)

Ski Dubai

Built into the Mall of the Emirates is a gigantic artificial indoor ski resort – Ski Dubai – with 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area. It features an 85-metre-high indoor mountain, a quad lift and a tow lift carrying skiers and snowboarders up to its peak. Adjoining the slopes is a 3,000-square-metre Snow Park play area including sled and toboggan runs, an icy body slide, climbing towers, an ice cave and giant snowballs. Ski Dubai also houses a number of penguins who are let out of their enclosures several times a day.

Admission: The basic package costs AED 190 (46,67€) per adult and AED 170 (41,76€) per child.

Public Transportation: Bus (Mall of the Emirates 1 2, nr. MOE12)


Helicopter flights can be booked from 12 – 40 minutes according to your budget. A typical flight will cover the Palm Jumeirah island, the Burj al Arab, a glimpse to the World Islands and later on a view to Downtown Dubai with the Burj Kalifah. 


  • Iconic Tour – 12 minutes – 646 DHS (158,72 €) per person – (incl VAT)
  • The Palm Tour – 17 minutes – 814 DHS (200 €) per person – (incl VAT)
  • Vision Tour – 22 minutes – 1,045 DHS (158,72 €)per person – (incl VAT)
  • Odyssey Tour – 40 minutes – 1,838 DHS (451,59 €) per person – (incl VAT)

Public Transportation: railway (station: Mall of the Emirates)

Dubai Marina & JBR

Many skyscapers offer shade over the harbor area at the Dubai Marina with a long pedestrian zone and lots of restaurants and bars. You can find anything from shopping to a nice place at the beach at Jumeirah Beach Resort also known as JBR. It is a 1.7 kilometres (1.1 mi) long, 2 square kilometres (0.77 sq mi) gross floor area waterfront community located against the Persian Gulf in the Dubai Marina. JBR offers a great view of the uprising Bluewater Island with the Dubai Eye, the largest ferris wheel in the world.

Admission: free

Public Transportation: 

  • Dubai Marina: tram (Dubai Marina1, nr. 21801) / alternative: tram (Dubai Marina2, nr. 21802)
  • JBR: bus (Marsa Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 1, nr. OBH2)

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lovely meal 50 meters above the ground. Go there for a meal at night and for a breathtaking view of the sea of lights from the Dubai Marina skyscrapers.

Admission: depending on the session AED 499 – 799
Public Transportation: ferry terminal (Marina Terrace Station, nr. MTWS1)

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is a good starting point to explore the fascinating history of the city. It is the oldest existing building in Dubai. The museum gives a good overview of how Dubai rose from a small pearl diver town to one of the world’s fastest growing and modern cities in only a few years. 

Admission:  AED 3 (adult), AED 1 (child below 6 years)
Public Transportation: bus (Al Fahidi Metro Station A2)

Dhow Tour

The dhow tours on Dubai Creek usually start from the Deira Twin Towers and offer Arabic food. Sometimes there is also quite amusing entertainment. A typical cruise takes about two hours. Pre-booking is not advised.


Admission: have a look at different tour agencies on-site

Desert Safari Dubai

On a desert safari, or Dune Bashing tour you will be taken to the sand desert west of Dubai in a four wheel drive car and drive through the sand dunes pretty fast for about half an hour. Typically, the trip ends in a desert camp with dinner and a belly dancing show. These safaris are fairly touristy. For fewer people on board, consider a private trip.

Admission: on average around 50€
Public Transportation: usually a car will pick you up in the morning and bring you to the desert

Musandam Tour

A Musandam tour is a boat tour to Khasab which is about two hours from Dubai. You will go there by bus, crossing the border of Oman which is possible with a tourist visa for the UAE. The boat tour will bring you to one of the most beautiful places in the area and give you the chance to swim in the Arabian sea and a nice meal is included.

Admission: depends on what kind of adventure you decide to book

Souk Madinat

For shopping with more Arabic charm visit the Souk Madinat which is located close to the Burj Al Arab hotel. Souk means market in Arabic. They offer all kinds of goods there and the shopkeepers are less pushy than at most touristy markets. The outside area offers a nice athmosphere and many good places to sit down for a cool drink or a snack. If you cross the market you have a nice view of the Hotel but you can’t access it from there. To see it from the seaside, go to Jumeirah Public beach.

Admission: free

Public Transportation: Bus (Madinat Jumeira 1, nr. MJR1)

Dubai Frame

One of the most impressive landmarks is the Dubai Frame which holds the record as the largest frame in the world. The building is 150m high and 96m wide. When you enter the frame it features a museum about Dubai’s rise from a pearl diver town into what it is today. A truly scary experience is the glass floor at 150m. If you suffer from acrophobia this is the challenge for the day. The View from up there is amazing but the glass is not suitable for professional pictures. Before leaving, there is an area featuring the possible future of Dubai and the Emirates.

Admission: Tickets cost Dhs50 for adults, Dhs20 for children, with free entry for children under three and disabled visitors.
Public Transportation: Bus (Dubai Frame, nr. DFR)

Burj Khalifa

Dubai has many interesting places but its heart beats in Downton Dubai. The area is dominated by the Burj Khalifa. With a total height of 830m it has been the tallest structure and building in the world since 2009. There are two different ways of going up for a visit. The standard way is called “At The Top” and will bring you to level 125 and 124. The more exclusive way is At The Top Sky which will bring you to level 148 at 550m or 1.821 feet. Prebooking is a must. You can find the official link on our website. Whatever you choose. The view is breathtaking. We recommend to go there during sunset so you have both, the day and the night time view of the city topped off with a beautiful sunset. There is a laser light show on the Burj Khalifa building, taking place at every half an hour from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm (during the fountain show). You can enjoy the laser light show for free.

Admission: (Infants below 4 years are free)

  • At the Top (level 124 + 125): from 36€
  • At the Top SKY (level 124 + 125 + 148): from 92€
  • The VIP Lounge Package (level 154 + 152+ 153): from 145€

Public Transportation: Metro (Red Line): Station Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station – F13, 30

Dubai Mall

Right next to the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in the world. With around 1200 shops, all the great and luxurious brands of the world are represented in this temple of variety and abundance. But there is more to the place. Inside the Mall you can find a gigantic aquarium showcasing more than 300 species of marine animals, including sharks and stingrays. You will also find an ice rink and so much more. Make sure you have enough time for a visit as you will certainly need it.

Admission: free

Public Transportation: Bus (The Dubai Mall, nr. DM1)

The Dubai Fountains

After soothing your shopping desires visit the Dubai fountain right in front of the mall. This is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system shooting water up to 150 meters or 500 feet. Performances take place twice at noon as well as every 30 minutes in the evening. They are all accompanied by music played through speakers around the lake. Every 15 minutes later, there is a world record lightshow on the Burj Khalifa. This is one of the best places in the world to spend an evening. Find a place for a drink or for dining and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the stunning shows.

Admission: free
Public Transportation: Metro (Red Line): Station Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station – F13, 30

How to get around

Travel by Car

Rent a car

To rent a car, you need an international driver’s license, a passport and third-party insurance.

Travel by Taxi

Hail a Taxi

In Dubai the taxi is the cheapest and easiest way to get around.

Travel by Rail

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is a subway that is operated without a driver. It is seen as a very safe means of transport.

Dubai Tram

You can also travel by tram in Dubai.

The Palm Monorail

The monorail was specially built for Palm Jumeirah Island to allow access for people who want to have a play day at Aquaventure, see dolphins, or enjoying the Boardwalk.

Travel by Bus

If you want to spend less on a trip through Dubai, you should do it without a taxi and take the extended Dubai buses instead.

Travel by Boat

Ferry and Water Taxi

If you want to see the sights from a different point of view, you can do this about the Dubai Ferry. It’s like a water taxi that takes you from one point to another.

Cycling around Dubai

If you prefer to be sporty, there is a wide range of bike rental in Dubai.

Dubai travel map Dubai City Pass

Nice to know

  • Friday is the official Muslim week’s holiday, so it is like Sunday. So don’t plan to visit attractions on Thursday and Friday.
  • Sometimes you are not allowed to take pictures yourself. And sometimes the so called official photographers get a real nuisance. Nice service & friendly people.
  • Wearing Burkini is not a duty. Even though UAE is a Muslim country, there is no obligation to wear Burkini. You can continue to dress as usual. Covering your hair is also not necessary.
  • Taxis are cheap, due to high amounts of oil.

The Dos and Don’ts

  • Change money in Dubai and not before your flight.
    Use ATM’s
  • Using a Taxi is quite fast, cheap and recommended.
  • Take a light jacket with you always because the well-meant air condition in buildings and cars might come up too cold. Ask taxi drivers to lower it down if you feel it is too much for you.
  • Shisha bars are very popular
  • Dubai is very hot during in summer. Temerature is likely to go up to 50 degrees Celsius. Drink much and often. Bottled water is fairly cheap if you take it from a supermarket.
  • We recommend to visit Dubai in winter between October and April
  • The sun is shining almost at any time. If you plan to stay outside for an extended time don’t forget a cap or proper sun protection.

  • The UAE are a muslim country so you should obey a couple of rules.
  • Drugs policy. Check medical ingredients
  • Don’t do anything with your left hand. Especially don’t eat or shake hands.
  • Kissing in public or showing any gestures of affection is discouraged.
  • Wear modest clothing. Shoulders and knees should be covered unless you are on the beach.
  • Smoking is allowed in most (often designated) places.
  • Don’t take any pictures and videos of the police, military or public governmental buildings.
  • Switch off data roaming.

  • Dubai has very delicious food. So if you are in Dubai at the moment, don’t be afraid to taste some of the specialties. There is a wide range of delicacies like Chelo Kebab, Iranian Sangak, Al Harees, Al Machboos, Kellaj and so much more.

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