Dubai – Expo 2020 postponed due to COVID-19 crisis

The world is in a dynamic and ever-changing state at the moment due to the global COVID-19 crisis. The Dubai Expo is no exception to the consequences of these trying times. After much consideration and many requests from various exhibitors the decision has been made to inquire a postponing of the Expo to 2021.

The final decision on whether or not the Expo may be postponed a year lies with the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). According to article 28 of the BIE convention, for this request to be approved, a two-third majority of the executive board of the BIE is required.

In these difficult times it is important that we remember that solidarity is ever so important and as long as humanity works as a united front, these times too will pass. The theme of the Dubai Expo is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and this requires working together harmoniously so that we can achieve a better tomorrow. 

The Dubai Expo is sure to be one to remember no matter when it takes place.

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